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Who says it’s too late at 38 ?

LAH (Laser Assisted Hatching)- Your chance to fulfil a dream.

LAH or Laser assisted hatching is the latest advancement in laser technology.

It is useful for a selected group of women:

  • Women over 38years old, who wish to use their own eggs for assisted conception.
  • Women who have experienced recurrent failure of embryo implantation. (3 or more embryo transfers without a pregnancy)
  • Women with elevated hormone (FSH).
  • Those using cryopreserved embryos.

Implantation failure is one of the inefficiencies of the human IVF technique. It is more likely to be found in older women, where thickened egg covering is one of the major causes as well as in cryopreserved embryos (frozen embryos).

At Nordica Lagos, we have observed that a good number of patients who require Assisted Conception are above 38years old. In our quest having their own genetic/biological babies.

Nordica Lagos acquire the first Laser Hatching equipment in Nigeria, with this equipment, we are able to offer Laser Assisted Hatching for the First time in Nigeria.

We usually advice women over 38years to try this therapy of assisted hatching before resorting to the use of donor eggs.

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