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Academic Papers

Academic Papers

Academic Papers
This is the repository of our journal papers, conference papers, technical reports, dissertations, pre-prints, post-prints and abstracts. Click on the individual URL to view the abstract or the complete document PDF


  • An Audit Of Gynaecological Endoscopy In An Assisted Reproduction Unit In Sub-Saharan Africa. View Abstract Here
  • Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Nigerian Doctors Regarding The Diagnosis & Management Of Endometriosis. View Abstract Here
  • Hysteroscopy In The Tropics: How Safe? A Review Of Office Hysteroscopy In An Assisted Conception Unit. View Abstract Here
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) patients online behaviors: how do they browse the web about infertility issues and what are they looking for online?  View Abstract Here

Full Text

  • Comparison Of Sonohysterogram And Hysteroscopic Findings In A Cohort Of Women Seeking Assisted Conception. View Abstract Here
  • Viral infections among couples for assisted reproduction in a fertility clinic in Nigeria. View Abstract Here
  • Hysteroscopic Findings Among A Cohort Of Infertile Nigerian Women Undergoing An IVF Program. View Abstract Here
  • Coitally-Related Morbidities in The Non-Pregnant Female. View Abstract Here
  • The Prevalence and Outcome of Asymptomatic Chlamydial Infection Screening Among Infertile Women Attending Gynecological Clinic in Ibadan, South West Nigeria. View Abstract Here

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