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Single Cycle

  • Free Enquiry
  • Free Registration
  • Excludes cost of drugs

Two Cycle Plan

  • Save ₦480,000
  • Free Enquiry
  • Free Registration
  • Excludes cost of drugs

Three Cycle Plan

  • Save ₦850,000
  • Free Enquiry
  • Free Registration
  • Excludes cost of drugs

Initial Assessment

The Initial assessment is aimed at making a diagnosis of the cause(s) of infertility and to identify information pertaining to the treatment with the Doctor. This includes:

  • Consultation with Fertility Specialist
  • Transvaginal Scanning


Diagnostic Test

These tests are carried out after giving your consent with the aim of providing the baseline information about the couple and to further avoid the risk of transfering infection to the child. Usually the assessment is done before the commencement of your treatment.

  • Diagnostic Screening for own egg     N160,000
  • Diagnostic Screening for Donor egg   N130,000

Additional service if required


Some of diagnostic results are no longer valid after six months as they might not portray the current medical status. It is therefore required we conduct fresh test to ascertain the present medical position before commencing any treatment.


Follow Up Consultation

After Six months of initial assessment and registration.


IVF- Surrogacy
Surrogacy IVF treatment fees- [Excluding the cost of drugs]N1,520,000.00
Surrogate Assessment-N120,000.00
Legal Fee-N200,000.00
Scheduling fees-N120,000.00
Sono for Surrogate-N60,000.00
Drugs for surrogate & donor –N1,200,000.00
Drugs for own treatment-As applicable
Recipient Cycle (Donor Egg Treatment)
Unknown Donor 
Single cycleN2,320,000.00
Two cyclesN3,860,000.00
Three cyclesN5,410,000.00
Subsequent repeated cyclesN2,210,000.00
Known Donor 
Single cycleN2,200,000.00
Two cyclesN3,650,000.00
Three cylesN5,200,000.00
Subsequent repeated cyclesN2,050,000.00
Donor AssessmentN120,000.00


Repeated Recycle

Our ICSI does not attract any additional charge, while all IVF multiple cycles are expected to be completed within one year .

2nd cycle repeated -N735,000.00

3rd/subsequent cycle-N670,000.00

Embryo freezing (Vitrification) per Embryo per quarterN60,000.00
Sperm freezing per quarter (per sample)N120,000.00
Sperm freezing per month (per sample)N45,000.00
Sperm freezing for less than 1 month (per sample)N30,000.00
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
Including Cost of drugs(standard)-N310,000.00
Subsequent/Repeated IUIN285,000.00
Frozen Embryo Transfer

Including cost of drugs



It is a screening test meant to evaluate the uterine cavity and to rule out any abnormalities.


Diagnostic HysteroscopyN270,000.00
Operative HysteroscopyN340,000.00
Diagnostic LaparascopyN390,000.00
Operative LaparascopyN500,000.00
Laparascopy Myometomy (Including 48hrs post surgery observation)N1,500,000.00
Consumables for EndoscopyN120,000.00


Treatment Ancillaries
Laser Assisted HatchingN190,000.00
Surgical Sperm Collections (TESA)N250,000.00
Pregnancy scanN45,000.00
Follicular monitoring per scanN45,000.00
Sperm washingN230,000.00
Donor Sperm for IVF/IUIN300,000.00
Blastocyst TransferN100,000.00
Consumables for own eggN210,000.00
Consumables for donor eggN180,000.00
Endometrial ScratchingN40,000.00
Caucasian SpermN520,000.00
Acupuncture per sessionN35,000.00
Acunpunture full sessionsN260,000
Cyst AspirationN90,000.00
SFA in mediumN30,000.00
Trial CycleN70,000.00
Anaesthetic FeesN50,000.00
Scrotal ScanN30,000.00
OPD SFAN30,000.00
OPD ScanN50,000.00


Account Name: Iscare Nigeria Limited
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Number: 0001245698

Asaba Center

Account Name: Iscare Nigeria Limited
Bank Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Number 0001245698


Account Name: Iscare Nigeria Limited
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Account Name: Iscare Nigeria Limited
Bank: Access Bank
Account Number: 0690632743

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