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What is EmbryoGlue?
EmbryoGlue is one of the most sensitive and critical steps in IVF treatment. It is an embryo transfer medium used in the final step of IVF treatment. It has been developed to closely resemble the environment in the womb, which can help to improve successful implantation.

Could EmbryoGlue be right for me?

EmbryoGlue could help to improve your chances of success after an embryo transfer. Also, if you have had IVF treatment before that hasn’t worked, we might suggest EmbryoGlue for your next treatment cycle.

What does EmbyroGlue involve?

EmbryoGlue isn’t glue as you know it; it’s made with a substance called hyaluronan that makes the embryo more likely to stick to the lining of the womb. Hyaluronan is a key substance in embryo development and implantation. It contains a high concentration of implantation promoting protein.
The EmbryoGlue acts like a bridge between the embryo and the womb, which helps them stick together. It is rich in the carbohydrates, amino acids and protein the embryo needs to develop properly, and it also helps to thicken the transfer medium, which reduces how much the embryo can move around.
If you decide to use EmbryoGlue, your treatment procedure will stay exactly the same. The only difference is that, just before we transfer the embryo, we’ll place it in the EmbryoGlue transfer medium.

Who should use EmbryoGlue?

All patients going through IVF procedures that result in a transfer can benefit from EmbryoGlue. However, the EmbryoGlue has been shown to be especially beneficial for patients above the age of 35, patients with previously failed implantation, and patients with unexplained infertility.

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What is the evidence for EmbryoGlue?

Research has shown that embryo glue containing hyaluronan increases pregnancy and live birth rates by around 10%. Some studies have shown that the use of embryo glue
improves pregnancy and live birth rates.

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