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Donor Embryo Program

Donor Embryo Program

Donor Embryo Program
If you are still trying to get pregnant after going through various fertility treatments, embryo donation might be a good option for you. Embryo donation is a process where an individual or couple donates some or all of their embryos to another couple to achieve pregnancy.

Who uses donated embryos?

Donated embryos are used when:

  • Both partners are infertile
  • The woman has no functioning ovaries due to premature menopause, surgical removal for the treatment of cancer, pelvic infections, endometriosis, and chemo/radiotherapy for cancer
  • The woman’s ovaries are resistant to stimulation by the pituitary hormone. This is called “resistant ovary syndrome”
  • The man has very poor sperm function or no sperm count at semen test(SFA)
  • Recurrent IVF failure occurs due to poor quality egg & sperm.
  • Couples have a high risk of passing on genetic disorders to their offspring.

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Donor Embryo Counselling

At Nordica Fertility Center, counselling programs are provided to both embryo donors and recipients. This ensures that patients are at ease with the procedure they are about to embark on. Still need more details about our donor embryo program, you can visit our FAQ page for additional information.

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