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Cost of IVF treatment

For couples with fertility challenges, the decision to seek care often comes down to the bottom line of affordability. This is understandable. No wonder one of the most frequent enquiries we get from prospects is “what is the cost of IVF treatment in your clinic”

While it is possible to give a general range, it might actually turn out to be misleading. This is because IVF procedures are not the same for everyone. Patients have differing personal health conditions. In other words, the cause (s) of couple A’s infertility may be different from that of couple B .  Hence we deliver patient-centred care and solutions tailor-made to each client.

Therefore, you can only have a clear picture of how much your treatment will cost after  a fertility expert has consulted with you and, carried out series of tests to identify the cause (s) of  your infertility. It is after this that appropriate treatment will be recommended .

Nordica makes it easy by making the first visit free

At Nordica Fertility Clinic, we understand how challenging (physically, emotionally and financially) coping with inability to achieve pregnancy can be. That is why we have made it possible for you to have initial meeting with our fertility specialists free of charge. During this visit, you will have the opportunity of asking a wide range of questions, including cost related ones. Our goal is to make sure you are fully informed about cost and treatment options. 

Finance option also available to lessen the burden

As part of our commitment to completing families, we have partnered with financial institutions to help you fund your treatment at affordable rates.

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