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Can Diet And Exercise Reduce Symptoms Of Male Menopause?

Can Diet And Exercise Reduce Symptoms Of Male Menopause?

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Diet and exercise can play a huge role in reducing the symptoms of male menopause. Exercise, in particular, is a powerful tool in slowing the loss of muscle mass that is so common to men in their middle age. Loss of muscle mass also contributes to the reduction of testosterone levels in the body, so exercise can have a positive effect in slowing the decrease of testosterone production.

Regular exercise also releases endorphins that can help to promote a sense of well-being, and reduce the instances of depression and mood swings common to male menopause. High intensity training not only increases ones metabolism but also boosts the body’s own production of human growth hormone which also decreases andropause symptoms.

A wholesome diet lies at the root of maintaining total health at any age. As men begin to enter middle age it is even more important to transition to a wholly natural, vegetarian based, diet.

High animal fat foods should be avoided, and men should begin to integrate more organic fruits and vegetables into their daily diet. Red meat should be eliminated when at all possible, as this leads to high cholesterol and high blood pressure which will only exacerbate any andropausal symptoms. Seeds, nuts, and avocados are high in Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids and should be added to the diet in place of animal based proteins.

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