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Fertility Talk With Dr Abayomi Ajayi: Egg Sharing Procedure

Fertility Talk With Dr Abayomi Ajayi: Egg Sharing Procedure

Abayomi Ajayi

With simple egg sharing, the woman sharing her eggs will undergo a course of stimulation drugs, which work on the ovaries to induce a large number.

Modified Egg Sharing Procedure

With the modified Egg Sharing Scheme, the donor will undergo 2 cycles of stimulation. All the eggs collected from her first cycle will be donated to recipient couple. After one or two months of a resting phase, she will have her own treatment cycle. Like the first, all the eggs that are collected will be made available for her own use, to be fertilized by her partner. The Modified Egg Sharing Scheme potentially ensures a higher success rate as both couple will have the maximum number of eggs each. The egg receiver will need to be available for treatment at the same time as the Egg ‘donor’ undergoes her stimulation cycles. Recipients who are not menstruating at all may not need the same course of drugs as those who have at least irregular periods. At an appropriate time, estrogen tablets are commenced to build up the lining of the womb towards the transfer of the eggs which would have been fertilized by sperm from the recipient’s partner. Then those participating in the Eggs sharing or modified egg sharing schemes, will generally be anonymous to each other, although in certain circumstances, known donation will be permitted. Consent forms will need to be signed by all participating couples and counselling will be recommended from both parties, so that all relevant legal, ethical and moral issues may be properly addressed. Couples who participate in this Modified Scheme also pay for their screening along.

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