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Pregnancy Tips: Exercise Regularly

Pregnancy Tips: Exercise Regularly


Adopting a habit of regular exercise before conceiving has proven benefits for increasing both fertility and ovulation, and strengthening the body for the normal pregnancy and delivery. In addition, research has also proved that exercise is also beneficial for females who are unable to conceive because of high body mass index and polycystic ovaries. Regular workout greatly helps the body in losing weight after pregnancy.

Exercise while trying to conceive is perhaps the healthiest way to ensure a smooth pregnancy. The changes your body will go through will be made a lot easier if you are in a habit of regular workout and at a certain level of fitness. Keep in mind that even though exercise is advantageous for your health, it can also prove as an obstacle. Recent studies have shown that over working the body can strain and overstress it. Overworking the body will only exhaust your tissues of the necessary nutrition that might hinder your role as an active parent since your body is unable to cope with stress and pressure.

However, regular exercise is recommended for women who are trying to conceive or those who are suffering from primary/secondary infertility in addition to those who are already pregnant.

Take An Early Start: Women often wait to get pregnant first and then start an exercise regimen, even though the opposite should be done. It is more efficient if you stay fit before you get pregnant to keep your body healthy and ready for all changes.

Do Not Lose Track: There are days when we do not feel like exercising, but it might not just be your laziness, a monotonous exercise routine can also cause this. To avoid this, adopt different forms of exercises such as swimming, walking, dance classes, etc.

Strengthen Your Core: Your central body will start weighing more than the remaining body when you are pregnant. Adopt exercises that strengthen your abdomen and back to have a better balance and posture which will help you cope with the pregnancy related changes.

Exercise Moderately: If you like vigorous and highly intense exercise, it is time to tone down your routine. Too much exercise will only stress out your body. You can choose some more moderate exercises like walking, swimming, etc

No Dieting: Some women might be tempted to get their ideal weight before they put on the extra pounds when getting pregnant. But this is not recommended at all since it might deprive you of the necessary nutrients.

Do Cardio Workout: Cardio exercises are highly recommended. Adopt cardio-strengthening exercises such as swimming, racing and jogging to help strengthen your heart. This will help you maintain a good health throughout your pregnancy.

Team Up With Your Partner: We always find only women focusing on their health when trying to conceive, while men do not take care of their fitness. But the truth is your partner’s fitness, too, counts in conceiving. Studies have shown that proper exercise can help increase sperm count, so ask your partner to work out with you which will also increase your time together.

Professional Approval: Before adopting a regimen for yourself, consult your doctor to get his approval. Your doctor is fully aware of your health conditions and is the best judge of the kind of workout that you might and might not need.

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