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Top 10 Causes Of Male Menopause

Top 10 Causes Of Male Menopause


Male menopause also known as Andropause, can be caused by many things. The decrease in testosterone is an important factor in men suspected of having andropause. Below are top 10 causes of male menopause:


Aging: As men age testosterone production naturally slows down, causing symptoms including a lowered sex drive and less physical strength. Unlike this effect with women men who experience this problem can usually still father children.

Obesity: Obesity can cause many problems with your hormone balance, including low testosterone levels. This can lead to menopause like symptoms in men.

Depression: Depression is a common condition, and can be a cause of male menopause. The altered brain chemicals that occur with depression have an effect on hormone production in your body, and can alter the levels of these hormones.

Low Hormone Levels: One cause of low male hormones is male hypogonadism. In this condition your testes do not produce enough testosterone for normal levels.

Illness: Illness can cause hormone production problems, and this can cause some men to experience male menopause. Usually this effect is temporary and goes away after you have recovered from the illness.

Autoimmune Disorders: Autoimmune disorders can result in many problems, including late onset hypogonadism and other male conditions. These disorders may attack tissues needed for hormone production, causing your levels to become low.

Dementia: Dementia and male menopause have been linked in scientific studies, and the aging which causes dementia also causes other chemical changes that may cause less hormone production.

Genetics: Klinefelter syndrome and other genetic conditions can be a cause of menopause like symptoms in men. These disorders are a result of abnormal sex chromosomes, such as an additional X chromosome in males.

Poor Nutrition: A common cause of male menopause is poor and inadequate nutrition. For testosterone to be produced in the correct amounts your body requires certain nutrients in the hormone production. If these nutritional needs are not met then men can experience symptoms.

Diabetes And Cancer Diseases: Some diseases, including diabetes and certain cancers, can have an effect on your testosterone levels and other hormone production. These diseases can cause signs of low testosterone levels and menopause symptoms in men.

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