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  • Endometrial Scratching – A step toward solving infertility - Endometrial scratching is an outpatient procedure, which is relatively painless. It is similar to cervical smear test and is defined as medically administered damage to the inner lining of the womb, with the sole aim of improving implantation. It was first demonstrated as a beneficial procedure in reproductive medicine in 2003. A Cochrane Library systematic review […]
  • myth-and-fact Myths And Misconceptions About In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation is not without its fair share of myths. Some people see IVF as an expensive treatment that only rich people can afford. To some, IVF treatments always result in twins and triplets. In this article, we have listed ten prevalent myths surrounding IVF and contrasting facts that dispel these myths: […]
  • male-menopause-and-depression-150x150 Firing Blanks – An Article on Male Infertility - We sat together 4 of us, at a friend’s house, celebrating the birth of his bouncing baby boy, each one of us sharing our labour room experience and the joy of having children. This chit – chat continued when suddenly Eddy a hunk of a guy said “I can’t imagine myself firing blanks, kai God […]
  • fertility (2) WHY CAN’T I GET PREGNANT? - Causes of infertility and possible solutions INFERTILITY AFFECTS BOTH GENDERS In about 1/3 of cases, the cause of infertility involves only the male. • In about 1/3 of cases, the cause of infertility involves only the female. • In the remaining 1/4 of cases, the cause of infertility involves both the male and female, or […]
  • how to HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FERTILITY CLINIC FOR YOU - Finding the right fertility clinic for you can be a daunting task. With so many clinics to choose from, how do you choose among them? Where do you start? What’s important in a clinic, anyway? Take a look below to find six essential factors to weigh when selecting a fertility clinic that is right for […]


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