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Sperm Killers: Cell Phones

Sperm Killers: Cell Phones



The advice about cell phones in proximity to a man’s reproductive organs varies; leaving your cell phone in your pocket could be very well damaging your sperm quality. Studies have found that when semen is exposed to the radio waves that are emitted by cell phones, it can cause damage to the quality of the sperm.

There was a study done in 2008 that noted that men who spent the most time on a cell phone through high cell phone usage leads to lowered sperm counts, quality, motility, and morphology.

It is better to keep your phone in your briefcase rather than in your pocket, to limit radiation exposure as most doctors agree that as long as your man doesn’t keep his cell phone in his front pocket, he should be okay. Don’t ditch your cell phone, but be smart in how you use it — don’t put your cell phone in your front pocket. Altering where you keep your mobile phone is a fairly easy lifestyle change to make, and certainly will do men no harm.

However, because the studies have been small, some doctors disagree.

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