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Fertility Misconceptions: We Have Sex Often

Fertility Misconceptions: We Have Sex Often



It is amazing how much our fast-paced lifestyle and schedules interfere with conception. Couples trying to conceive sometimes are too tired/busy to have intercourse and a surprising number of professional couples have work travel commitments that means they are sleeping in different cities throughout the month.

Here are some interesting facts: Even someone very fertile in their 20s and in perfect health and her partner will, at best, have about a 25% chance of conceiving in any given month, even with perfectly timed intercourse. Statistically speaking, this rate of success decreases to about 10% to 15% per month if you’re not pregnant within three months, and 5% or less if you’re not pregnant after a year.

Your peak fertility time is four to five days prior and during ovulation, and it’s suggested you have intercourse every 24 to 48 hours during that period.

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